The Quiet Language of White (article)

Author: LAURIE PRESSMAN Pantone Color Institute  

White. The Purest of the pure. Billowing clouds. The white dove of peace and freedom, white is a conciliatory color. Unsullied, divine, pristine, traditionally the color of clothing for babies and brides, there is an innocence, delicacy and simplicity to white. A color that also speaks to modernity and contemporary design white represents new beginnings and our ability to start anew on a blank slate. White light contains all colors so that we think of white as the complete presence of light. True whites are rarely found in nature.

White - Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Swatches
A sampling of some of our newest whites

However, while pure white is perceived as brilliant, there is also the association of silence to white. Think of the absolute quiet of a white snowfall. The color family we correlate with meditation and the expression “quiet calm”, white is a symbol of calming influence in a frenetic society that is rediscovering the value of measured consideration and quiet reflection.

A quiet that in our fast paced lives is something we crave and the reason whites are becoming more important. To address the increased importance of whites we have added a grouping of whites in both warm and cool tones into the 210 new color additions to our PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS color palette. Reminiscent of foams and milky sauces, these natural whites with names like Sea Salt and Buttercream have a soft quality to them. Brilliant White, a bright white that looks optically brightened, a symbol of scientific purity, stands out in this palette of creamy whites.