Author: DAVID SHAH  

VIEWPOINT COLOUR is a seasonal colour forecast that delivers visual inspiration, colour palette and design direction for all colour-conscious industries around the globe.

Welcome to our first issue of Viewpoint Colour, created by View Publications and Franklin Till Associates for all colour conscious industries. Offering you visual inspiration, design direction and a global perspective on colour, we see it as a sister magazine and perfect complement to our highly successful, Viewpoint Design magazine, which is dedicated to product innovation, and a logical follow-up to our colour forecasting book, Pantone View Colour Planner.

Why a magazine dedicated to colour? Colour is the single most powerful communication tool, influencing 50% – 85% of ideas and product purchase decisions. With 80% of human experience filtered through the eyes, visual cues are vital in getting a message across and nothing does this better than the thoughtful use of colour.

Our aim is to supply you with the critical and actionable colour intelligence you need to make your colour planning easier. With a focus on what’s really important, Viewpoint Colour will give you both a macro and local view on key colour stories, focusing both on the short term and the long term. We achieve that by working on two levels: short-term forecasting/orientation where we map out and analyse key upcoming colour direction 12-18 months ahead of the season; and long- term forecasting/orientation, what’s on the colour horizon three years from now.

In our opening issue, we have put ‘neo-nature’ at the core: a modern, organic and purposeful story using classic inspiration. Biomimicry has long since been a deep well of inspiration for designers and will continue so until the genetic code of Mother Nature has been cracked. We see green, with its sense of soothing continuity, as the zeitgeist of the moment.

Originally the Viewpoint magazines were born to take up branding and strategy questions. We still hold to that remit, but we have sought to broaden the appeal of these publications by first expanding our design coverage and now our colour intelligence. As ever, our wish is to put design and now colour into perspective and provide a voice of authority and integrity for all interests.


Publisher , View Publications


Inside VIEWPOINT COLOUR issue #1

  • THe latest colour news
  • Macro global design colour trend guidence SS18
  • Emerging colour stories resulting from new processes and materials
  • Moods of Colour - Red vs Blue
  • Psychological colour meanings
  • An in-depth look into Greenery, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017
  • The power of primary colours
  • Visual inspiration
  • All colour information provided using Pantone Colour references

THEME:   NEO NATURE as the focus on organic materials and authenticity grows increasingly import, colours from nature are coming to the forefront of design.  Neo-Nature explores the redefinition of nature and the natural world, highlighting colours and colour stories that reflect our planet today and into the future.  Designers and material scientists are converging old skills with new materials and old materials with new skills.  The emerging colour landscape is nature engineered, in which resources are reconsidered and future raw material is composed of today's waste.